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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - the legendary title that should be on your Android!
A few years ago Rockstar finally rolled out a mobile version of GTA: SA to the delight of all fans, which for many gamers is still the best game in the series. Yes, you heard it right - the same SA, which ten years ago we, as schoolchildren, played for days. So let's move on to the details of this legendary title on Android.
About the game
Gta san andreas is a legendary third-person action game that doesn’t need to be introduced. Most fans of GTA consider San Andreas, the best representative of the series. Perhaps, in the whole world, there is not a single gamer who is not familiar with this game at least by hearsay. But now this masterpiece has migrated to the Android platform. Moreover, almost in its original form. The changes affected are mainly graphics and, of course, management.
Under our strict guidance, our character gains a reputation in gangster circles, accumulates money and weapons. To progress further in the game you need to complete a variety of quests, which are usually of a purely criminal nature. For example, we will have to kill someone, to protect someone from other gangsters, to break away from the chase, etc. In short, tasks are not the most legitimate. Download Gta san andreas apk free for android and have all the fun in the world! But first, let’s quickly go through the game to understand why it is such a worthy game. 
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In Gta san andreas hd, you will get familiar with the atmosphere of the nineties (according to American films, of course), where you will see the growth of hip-hop culture, the explosion of petty crimes and the formation of gangs which abuse drugs and love rock-and-roll. 
We have to play as Carl Johnson, known by the name CJ. The story begins with the fact that our hero finds out about the death of his family and urgently arrives in his hometown - San Andreas, where the main events of the game unfold.
A distinctive feature of the GTA series is the impressive interactivity of the game world. Here you can do whatever your heart desires: if you want, steal and kill, step on a peaceful path and become an ice-cream seller, or you can go to the gym and pump up to the size of the Hulk (which, by the way, will further affect the hero’s endurance). 
There is even some crazy stuff such as you can hijack any car, fight any passer-by, play billiards or roulette, jump with a parachute, work as a doctor or fireman. And this is only a small part of all the possibilities. It is for this freedom of choice that everyone loved and continues to love Gta san andreas free for android. Also, CJ can visit clothing stores, tattoo parlors, and hairdressers. 
The game world itself is conditionally divided into three islands, and each one offers unique adventures. The ideal innovation in this part, which is borrowed from the mobile version of GTA: Vice City, is the ability to put your own music instead of radio and save the game in the cloud, which means you can start the game on your tablet, and continue playing on your smartphone or vice versa.
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The main excitement of the fans of the series was connected with the management, and, you know what, it is implemented here as it should be! Rockstar managed to transfer the game to the buttonless devices correctly. The screen is conventionally divided into two parts - left and right. 
On the left is a joystick, with which we control the movements of the character or the vehicle, and on the right side are the control buttons - strike, get in the car, and so on. The feature of mobile versions of Gta san andreas apk is contextual keys that appear only when you need to perform some specific action, such as taking a photo or taking off on an airplane. You can also change the size of the buttons and their location, which is good.
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And what about the graphics in Gta san andreas on android? According to the developers, the game has undergone the necessary processing before being transferred to Android. In principle, it pulled up to the proper level. Even though the game was released long ago, from the graphics side, it is in no way inferior to modern mobile games. 
The most obvious innovation is the emergence of realistic shadows, but this feature is only available on flagship devices, and it dramatically affects the performance. Visually, this is still the same classic San Andreas with some minor and subtle changes. But is it bad tho? In our opinion, it’s not as it gives the players the same feeling as playing on a PC, but you should download this game to make the judgment yourself. You can also check for Gta san andreas online, to have even more exciting experiences.
A small disadvantage
Let’s smoothly move to the only negative point - poor optimization. Not only does the game require at least 1GB of RAM, so even with so much RAM it manages to lag. This is especially noticeable during fast trips by car. As for devices with a large amount of RAM, here the game goes smoothly and without any complaints. So this game is still worths a try, get it by checking Gta a san andreas free download and enjoy your leisure time!
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To sum up
Rockstar stated that Gta san andreas android is the best mobile game that they have ever made. And it’s hard not to agree as we mentioned before the game does not hold down the gamer regarding freedom. Here you can fool around for hours: ride steep cars or other modes of transport. Each vehicle has several radio stations to choose from so that you can have a relaxing time listening to music. 
If you are tired of riding - you can make a bloody massacre, shooting civilians from a grenade launcher or any other weapon. Such actions naturally attract the attention of the entire police department, but even the cops will have to sweat and pay hundreds of lives to stop the ruthless terrorist. Which makes this game even more exciting
In general, the company once again managed to wipe the nose of its competitors and show how to make games for mobile phones. So stop hesitating, jump right into our store, download Gta san andreas android for free and start your gangster journey! If you liked our article, feel free to share it with friends. Cheers!
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